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Michaela Roudnicka, Drahomit Dvorsky and Andrea Skolakova completed their PhD at VSCHT.

Congratulations and best wishes

J. Kopecek, L. Klimsa and M. Dusak alongside the whole SEM laboratory have left the department for Department of Material Analysis on October 1, 2020.

Special Department seminar in Battistova cihelna in Dáblice,

Tuesday December 10, 2019,  10.30-18.00

Plasmas in-liquid have recently attracted significant attention as a new route for synthesis of materials. In this method, the plasma is created in bubbles present in the liquid.

On September 21, 2018 Orsolya Molnarova succesfully defended her PhD thesis at MFF UK and started work as a new postdoctorand in the MCM group.

Congratulations and best wishes


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