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Experimental Facilities FMC

Thermomechanical testing

  • Mechanical deformation machine INSTRON 1362 with thermal chamber (100N - 100kN, -50C to +150C)
  • Servohydraulic deformation machine INSTRON 8872 with thermal chamber INSTRON (100N - 25kN, -100C to +550C, <100Hz)
  • Electrodynamical linear-torsion deformation machine INSTRON ElectroPuls E10000 with thermal chamber and videoextensometer AVE2 (+- 10 kN dynamic, +- 7 kN static, +- -100C to +350C, up to 100Hz)
  • SMA wire tester Walter&bai (100N,500N,5kN, 2000 mm/min) with Peltier furnace (-35C to +180C) with videoextensometer and integrated resistivity measurement system
  • Dedicated self developed PC controlled miniature screw driven deformation rigs for in-situ experiments on thin SMA filaments
  • In-house developed device for an in-situ inspection of NiTi textiles consisting of a scanning head and biaxial tensile machine. The scanning head is equipped with optical CCD camera, infrared camera and a 2D laser
  • Digital Image Correlation systems VIC-3D, Mercury RT with cameras (fast - MCR-2048-165, 2/3” sensor, 2MPx @ 165 fps, high resolution - Stingray 5 Mpx @ 10 fps)
  • Optical furnace (four water cooled rectangular-shaped parabolic reflectors (350 x 80 mm) equiped with 2 kW heat radiation sources)

Thermal analysis

  • Differential scanning calorimetry - Linkam DSC 600
  • Dynamical mechanical analysis - DMA 850 - TA Instruments
  • Thermomechanical Analyzer - Linseis TMA PT 1600

Material characterisation

  • Optical microscope OPTON with Nomarski interference contrast and image analyser LUCIA
  • Optical microscope Zeiss Imager.Z1m with Nomarski interference contrast
  • Thermal infrared camera FLIR A40M
  • Cooled infrared camera - Infratec ImageIR 8300

Alloy casting and single crystal growth

  • Bridgman technique resistance heated crystal growth furnace Granat ((IKAN, Russia), working under vacuum (10-3 Pa), inert or reduction temperature
  • Furnaces for sample annealing, shape setting and other thermal treatments under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere

Further equipment

  • Laser profilometer
  • Multiple National Instruments DAQ and CompactRIO
  • Laser engraving machine

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