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Presentation of Limpat Nulandaya, PhD., 03/04/2024 at 10:00 in 1.32

Seminar of the Department with guest of the working group Functional Materials and Composites "FMC"

Wednesday, 03/04/2024 from 10:00 in meeting room 1. 32 Solid building

Presentation of Limpat Nulandaya, PhD. from Institute of Experimental Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Košice, Slovakia. Nationality: Indonesian

Topic: Microwires with shape memory effect

Microwires with shape memory effect are promising for micro-sensor and actuator applications. One interesting composition comes from Ni2FeGa alloys, which allows a high reproducibility of production by Taylor-Ulitovsky method. The shape memory effect on Ni2FeGa alloy is related to a phase transformation, specifically known as thermo-elastic  martensitic transformation. In our work, the phase transformation temperature of shape memory microwire increases with the increase of iron content over gallium. We also found that the glass coating holds the metallic core by friction force. A simple pulling method can remove the glass coating. Furthermore, in Ni50Fe27Ga23 microwire, the phase transformation could be induced by electric current. The forward and  reverse phase transformation was estimated from 15.6 (start) to 12.2 mA  and 11.3 to 19.1 mA, respectively. The microwire also showed no changes  in crystal structure, crystal orientation, chemical composition, and  phase transformation after a million cycles of electric current-induced phase transformation.

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