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Topic: 3D printing of NiTinol

A lecture by Prof. M. Elahinia, University of Toledo, USA

Based on a series of information published here,

Department seminar on Tuesday January 31, 2023, 13.30 meeting room 117


Laser Powder Bed Fusion of NiTiHf High Temperature Shape Memory Alloy: Formability, Thermal Stability, and Shape Memory Effect


Department Department seminar will be held on Wednesday Jan 25,2023  14-16 in main Slovanka lecture room


Organisation issues
P. Sittner

Short presentation of new research projects
Ludek Heller
Pavel Lejcek
Jaroslav Capek

Department seminar on Thursday August 11th, 14.00 in lecture room 117

Yuchen Chen

Superelastic NiTi wire: Surface modification by Twisting and LTSS (low temperature shape setting)

Department seminar on Thursday July 28th, 14.00 in lecture room 117

Elizaveta Iaparova

Title: Plastic deformation of NiTi SME wire upon heating under controlled applied stress


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