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Key Results

Localized deformation of NiTi by 3D-XRD:    P. Sedmák, J. Pilch, L.Heller, J. Kopeček, J. Wright, P. Sedlák, M. Frost, P. Šittner, Grain-resolved analysis of localized deformation in nickel-titanium wire under tensile load, Science 353, 559-562 (2016)  FREE link, Press releaseSee also presentation in Special Topics

Functional textiles with NiTi shape memory alloy filaments:  L. Heller, NiTi textile technology;  J Seibold, E Müller, K Volenec, P Sittner, L Heller, J Pilch  Medical Device (2016) US 09216100;    J. Pilch, P.Sittner, Method of heat treatment .. US20120018413 A1;    J. Hanuš, A. Richter, P. Rydlo, L. Heller Pressure and/or force sensor (2015): Patent No. 304873

Diamond layer protecting zirconium cladding in nuclear reactors:   P. Ashcheulov, R. Škoda, J. Škarohlíd, A. Taylor, F. Fendrych, I.Kratochvílová, Layer Protecting the Surface of Zirconium Used in Nuclear Reactors Recent Pat. Nanotechnology 10,  59 - 65(2016) See also related patent

In-situ TEM observation of moving twin interfaces in NiMnGa:   Y. Ge,N. Zarubova, O. Heczko and S-P. Hannula, Stress-induced transition from modulated 14M to non-modulated martensite in Ni–Mn–Ga alloy Acta Materialia 90 151 – 160 (2015) See also Special Topics

Vaccine for prevention of Lyme borreliosis:  J. Turánek, I Kratochvílová et al,  Vaccine for prevention of Lyme borreliosis,  PCT/CZ2015/000042; TACR 2015 award

Nanodiamonds for sensing and imaging in biology:  V.Petráková et al, Imaging of transfection and intracellular release of intact, non-labeled DNA using fluorescent nanodiamonds, Nanoscale, 8, 12002-12012 (2016);  J.Havlík, M.Gulka,V.Petráková, M. Krečmarová et al  , Benchtop Fluorination of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds on a Preparative Scale: Toward Unusually Hydrophilic Bright Particles, Advanced functional Materials, 26 4134-4143 (2016);  V.Petráková et al,Charge-sensitive fluorescent nanosensors created from nanodiamonds , Nanoscale 7 , 12307 – 12311(2015),  V.Petráková et al Boosting nanodiamond fluorescence: towards development of brighter probes, Nanoscale 2013 Apr;5(8):3208-11; 

Effect of applied stress on magnetism of steel:   O Perevertov and R Schäfer Influence of applied tensile stress on the hysteresis curve and magnetic domain structure of grain-oriented Fe–3%Si steel  J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 47 185001 (2014), Highlights of 2014

Mobile twin interfaces in NiMnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy:   L. Straka et al, The relation between lattice parameters and very low twinning stress in Ni50Mn25+x Ga25−x magnetic shape memory alloys, Smart Material Structures 25, 025001 (2016); O. Heczko, L. Straka and H. Seiner Different microstructures of mobile twin boundaries in 10 M modulated Ni–Mn–Ga martensite Acta materialia 61, 622-631 (2013)


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