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Materials for Nanosystems and Biointerfaces Research Group

The Materials for Nanosystems and Biointerfaces (MNB) research group studies the preparation and the properties of diamond. Diamond layers are fabricated by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposited (CVD) method using commercial and homemade reactors. These layers are prepared in pure form or doped (e.g. Boron, Phosphorous and Nitrogen) for quantum optic, electrochemical or electronic applications with different crystalline forms, i.e., form nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) layers and to monocrystalline or epitaxial diamonds (SCD) layers. Diamond properties and diamond-based prototype applications are studied within the MNB group or the Institute of Physics CAS facilities and in cooperation with other national and international institutions.


Figure: (a) 6 inch diamond coated silicon wafer at low temperature (250°C); (b) A cleaning step of a diamond coated silicon sample; (c)Cross-section scanning electron microscopy of a thick porous diamond layer (d) Boron-doped diamond Hall bar fabricated by microfabrication processes; (e) Epitaxial boron-doped diamond layer deposited on a (100) oriented HPHT single crystal.



Department of Functional Materials

FZU - Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Na Slovance 1999/2
182 00 Prague 8



Tel: +420 266 052 613

Fax: +420 286 890 527


Head of Group

Andrew Taylor
+420 266 052 634


Presentation of Mohamed Bouras "Ohmic contacts on ultra-lightly phosphorus doped (100) diamond"
Presentation of Oliver Wiliams and Soumen Mandal from Cardiff University, School of Physics and Astronomy, Condensed Matter and Photonics G
Plasmas in-liquid have recently attracted significant attention as a new route for synthesis of materials.

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