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CVD apparatus

Plasma Enhanced Linear Microwave Chemical Vapour Depostion system (PELMWCVD)System description:


This unique system offers many advantages over classical resonance cavity based MW PECVD systems, which require high growth temperatures (>600°C) and are fundamentally restricted in deposition area due by the incoming MW frequency and cavity design. Our system is not restricted by the incoming MW frequency and therefore can produce diamond (typically NCD) uniformly over large areas. Another major difference compared with other classical MW PECVD techniques is the use of high-frequency pulsed microwaves, which due to nonlinear absorption enables an increase in the plasma concentration which leads to an increase in atomic hydrogen and thus maximizing growth rates and material quality. In addition to the above mentioned differentiating factors, the system operates at much lower pressures (<1mBar). When all the above factors are coupled together with a well-tuned chemistry, diamond growth at temperatures down to 150°C is enabled. The ability to deposit diamond at these low temperatures opens up the possible range of substrates which can be deposited on to materials such as plastics, which in a standard MW PECVD system is not possible. Also, due to the diffuse nature of the plasma 3D objects (such as coronary stents) can be coated.

In its current format the system is capable of producing intrinsic diamond layers as well as boron doped layers. Finally the system can be used for functionalisation of nanodiamond particles and layers in plasmas (Hydrogen and Oxygen).

Typical system parameters:

Connected gases:       H2, CH4, CO2, TMB, O2, Ar
Doping levels:             0 to 10 000 ppm B / C
Working pressure:      ~ 1 mBar
Maximum power:      10kW pulsed mode and 3kW CW mode
Substrates:                  Silicon, glass, quartz, titanium, stainless steel, plastics
Substrate table:          20cm dia with active temp control (cooling and heating)

Seki Technotron AX5010 Microwave Plasma CVD ReactorSystem description:

This commercially available 1,5 kW CVD reactor is used for the growth of high quality intrinsic and boron-doped diamond films. The reactor is capable of producing nanocrystalline (NCD) and microcrystalline (MCD) diamond layers on a variety of substrates as well as monocrystalline diamond (SCD). The system also allows the creation of intense oxygen and hydrogen plasmas for functionalization of diamond substrates.

Typical system parameters:

Connected gases:       H2, CH4, TMB, O2, Ar
Doping levels:             15 000 ppm B / C
Working pressure:      30 to 120 mBar
Maximum power       1.5 kW CW mode
Substrates:                  Silicon, quartz and titanium
Substrate table:          8cm dia with active temp control (heating)

NT-MDT NTEGRA Prima Scanning Probe Microscope

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) enables 3D visualization of surfaces on the nanometer scale. Within the MNB group AFM is used to study diamond layers and nanodiamond particles. Statistical methods developed by within the group, allows evaluation of grain sizes of nanocrystalline layers or the number and size of nanoparticles. In addition to morphological studies the apparatus is also used to study conductive surfaces via scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), magnetic measurements and work function measurements.

Other experimental equipment

  • Centrifuge epenedorf miniSpin plus
  • Sonicator Hielscher UP400S
  • Spin coater Laurell WS-400-6NPP
  • Stereomikroskop Inraco STM 1562 323O
  • Digital Scales Radwag XA 52/2X
  • Willamson IR pyrometer 

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