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Past Department Members

Ing. Barbora Bártová, PhD. joined the Department in 2005 and later in 2006-7 she became a postdoc researcher of the FP6 MC-RTN MULTIMAT project. She was trained to become a TEM specialist in EMAT Antwerps by D. Schryvers. In 2008 she  found  jobs at EPFL Laussane and CERN. Currently she holds a scientist position  in Environmental Microbiology Laboratory at EPFL Lausanne as a TEM specialist.

Mgr. Alexej Kovalenko, Ph.D. completed his Ph.D. in the Department in 2013 under the supervision of Doc. I. Kratochvilová. He investigated the functionaliyed surfaces of nanodiamond particles for medical imaginging. Currently he hold a postdoc position in VUT Brno.

Ing. Peter Molnár, Ph.D.completed his Ph.D. in the field of neutron diffraction analysis of magnetic shape memory alloy single crystals in 2008. Peter spent one year on postdoctoral research stay at MTM Department KU Leuven in Belgium and returned to the Institute of Physics, Departments of metals. In 2015 he changed for Department of Functional Materials and left FZU in June 2016.

Dr. Václav Novák worked in Institute of Physics ASCR  42 years (1969-2011). He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. Within the Department of Metals, he first investigated  deformation mechanisms of bcc metals using oriented single crystals and in 1990, he courageously changed the field towards martensitically transforming shape memory alloys and started thus, together with N. Zárubová and P. Šittner, the shape memory alloy research i FZU.   Vaclav developed methodology for testing and modelling orientation dependent thermomechanical properties of SMA single crystals originally introduced by Wayman, Otsuka, Miyazaki. The methodology was later taken over by mechanical engineers developing SMA models worldwide. With his research efforts and other activities, Václav Novák laid the ground for gradual successful development of the SMA research in FZU and, ultimately, for the creation of the Department of Functional Materials in 2009. Václav was among the first who fully understood the power of videorecording in SMA experimentations. he recorded beautiful videos of reversible deformation processes in SMA single crystals which are currently spread over the internet. Vaclav Novák passed away in 2011.

Ing. Václav Petrák, Ph.D. completed his Ph.D. in the Department in 2015 under supervision of Prof M. Nesládek. He worked in the area of nanodiamond coatings for applications in solar cells. Currently he works for a Czech company producing contact lenses.

Ing. Vladimíra Petráková, Ph.D. completed her Ph.D. thesis in the Department under supervision of Prof. M. Nesládek in 2012. She became an expert in the area of application of nanodiamond particals for medical imaging. Currently she works as a Research Associate at Faculty of Biomedical Engineering CTU

RNDr. Niva Zárubová CSc graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in 1963. She completed her PhD thesis in the field of the crystallography of slip and mechanism of plastic deformation of bcc metals in the Institute of Physics in 1974, later she changed her interests to metallic glasses and  laser modified surface layers. During that time, she also spent several years on stays abroad, e.g. at  the Technical University, Aachen, University of Warwick, Coventry, and Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung, Stuttgart. In the early nineties Niva  joined V. Novák and P. Šittner and together they started the shape memory alloy research in FZU. Niva was involved in thermomechanical experimentation on CuAlNi single crystals and later on she found her role in  transmission electron microscopy of mobile interfaces created by martensitic transformation. Together with A. Gemperle, J. Gemperlová and Z. Dlabáček, who  designed and built a unique in-situ TEM holder for tensile experiments in TEM, Niva performed unique in situ TEM tensile tests  on  CuAlNi and NiMnGa shape memory alloy samples. She managed to reveal details on the phase and twin interfaces moving during the stress-induced martensitic transformations and twinning processes. The results attracted interests in the field - see presentations/videos on the dedicated Special Topics website of the Department. Niva Zárubová left the Department in 2012.

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