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Moving interfaces in solids

from micro to macroscale

Dedicated to Václav Novák, 1946-2011


by  Department of Functional Materials

CuAlNi single crystal cube (5mm)  in compression

This site contains a set of experimental videos documenting motion of interfaces, recoverable strains and thermal changes  in shape memory alloys generated by martensitic transformations driven by thermal and/or mechanical stimuli.

  1. Introduction to martensitic transformations in SMAs
  2. In-situ optical microscopy - twinning in NiMnGa
  3. In-situ optical microscopy - martensitic transformations and twinning in CuAlNi
  4. In-situ TEM - deformation twinning in NiMnGa
  5. In-situ TEM - martensitic transformations and twinning in CuAlNi
  6. In-situ SEM - martensitic transformations in CoNiAl
  7. In-situ SEM – oxide cracking in superelastic deformation of NiTi
  8. Heat generation/absorption by phase transforming NiTi
  9. Digital Image Correlation of strains in functional NiTi textiles
  10. Thermally activated flower  for TV show  Wonders of Nature

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