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Key Results

Entropy matters in grain boundary segregation  article on invitation from the Acta Materialia journal written by P. Lejček
Deformation infrared calorimetry for materials characterization applied to study cyclic superelasticity in NiTi wire article introducing novel experimental method published in Material & Design journal written by E. Alarcon
Mass spectrometry of heavy analytes and large biological aggregates by monitoring changes in quality factor of nanomechanical resonator in air   written by I. Stuchiv was published in ACS sensors

Shape Memory and Superelasticity 2019 Editor’s Choice Selections

Two articles from the Department:  Tensile Deformation of Superelastic NiTi Wires in Wide Temperature and Microstructure Ranges and B2 ⇒ B19′ ⇒ B2T Martensitic Transformation as a Mechanism of Plastic Deformation of NiTi were  selected by the editors of Shape memory and Superelasticity journal to belong among the top 6 articles of the year 2019 and awarded free online access.

First report of transparent conductive boron-doped diamond electrodes fabrication at low temperatures published  by P. Ashcheulov et al. in Applied Materials Today

Low temperature synthesis of transparent conductive boron doped diamond films for optoelectronic applications: Role of hydrogen on the electrical properties

Grain morphology reconstruction of crystalline materials from Laue three-dimensional neutron diffraction tomography by Stavros Samothrakitis, Camilla Laresen et al. Scientific Reports (2020) 10:3724

Deformation twinning in martensite affecting functional behavior of NiTi shape memory alloys  P. Šittner, O. Molnárová, L. Kadeřávek, O. Tyc,  L. Heller, Materialia 9 (2020)100506  FREE Link


Recoverability of strains in spite of large plastic deformation in NiTi:   Y. Chen, O. Tyc, L.Kadeřávek, O. Molnárová, L. Heller, P. Šittner, Recoverability of large strains and deformation twinning in martensite during tensile deformation of NiTi shape memory alloy, Acta Materialia 180 (2019) 243-259 FREE link

Long superelastic plateaus in NiTi: Y. Chen, O. Tyc, L. Kadeřávek, O. Molnárová, L. Heller, P. Šittner, Temperature and microstructure dependence of localized tensile deformation of superelastic NiTi wires, Materials & Design 174 (2019) 107797
Modeling grain boundary segregation : P. Lejček and S. Hofmann, Modeling grain boundary segregation by prediction of all the necessary parameters, Acta Materialia 170 (2019)  253-267,  253-267  


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