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Key Results

Simona Baluchova is a first author of an interesting article of the group MNB  recently published in high IF journal Analytica Chimica Acta.

Pejman Shayanfard published an interesting article Experimental and numerical investigation of thermomechanical cycling of notched NiTi shape memory ribbon using SMA model accounting for plastic deformation in Journal of Materials Research and Technology.

Michaela Roudnicka published a sequel paper on   SLM manufacturing of CoCrMo based medical alloy in the journal Additive Manufacturing.

A comprehensive article by O. Molnarova et al bringing new insight into micromechanics and crystallography of martensitic transformation in NiTi  based on the post mortem analysis of martensitic microstructures in deformed nanocrystalline NiTi wires

Evolution of martensitic microstructures in nanocrystalline NiTi wires deformed in tension, Acta Materialia,217(2021)117166

Michaela Roudnicka published an article on additively manufactured CoCrMo medical alloy in high IF Journal Additive Manufacturing - Microstructural instability of L-PBF Co28Cr6Mo alloy at
elevated temperatures

Pejman Shayanfard wrote a comprenesive review article Stress raisers and fracture in shape memory
alloys: review and ongoing challenges

Lattice Defects Generated by Cyclic Thermomechanical Loading of Superelastic NiTi Wire by O.Tyc, L.Heller and P. Sittner

The effect of powder size on the mechanical and corrosion properties and the ignition temperature of WE43 alloy prepared by spark plasma sintering  by D. Dvorsky et al.

Microstructural, mechanical, in vitro corrosion and biological characterization of an extruded Zn-0.8Mg-0.2Sr (wt%) as an absorbable material by J. Čapek et al,
Reconstruction of Heat Sources Induced in Superelastically Loaded Ni-Ti Wire By Localized Deformation Processes by A.Jury,X.Balladruand,L.Heller,P.Sittner,M.Karlik


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