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Key Results

Congratulations to an excellent article published in high impacted journal Bioactive Materials by J. Pinc and colleagues from 4 FZU departments.

A detailed mechanism of degradation behaviour of biodegradable as-ECAPed Zn-0.8Mg-0.2Sr with emphasis on localized corrosion attack

An article of FMC group on thermally induced martensite reorientation and plastic deformation in NiTi published in Acta Materialia

Xiaohui Bian's first article, as a member of FMC group, was published in high impacted journal  Applied Materials Today . It focuses analysis of  texture evolution during the tensile deformation of martensite in nanocrystalline NiTi in terms of activated deformation mechanisms

Interesting rabbit article  A Complex Evaluation of the In-Vivo Biocompatibility and Degradation of an Extruded ZnMgSr Absorbable Alloy Implanted into Rabbit Bones for 360 Days    by J. Capek in Int. J. of Molecular Sciences

Article Resolving measurement of large (~ GDa) chemical/biomolecule complexes
with multimode nanomechanical resonator
s by I. Stachiv and his colleagues from BUT

Simona Baluchova is a first author of an interesting article of the group MNB  recently published in high IF journal Analytica Chimica Acta.

Pejman Shayanfard published an interesting article Experimental and numerical investigation of thermomechanical cycling of notched NiTi shape memory ribbon using SMA model accounting for plastic deformation in Journal of Materials Research and Technology.

Michaela Roudnicka published a sequel paper on   SLM manufacturing of CoCrMo based medical alloy in the journal Additive Manufacturing.

A comprehensive article by O. Molnarova et al bringing new insight into micromechanics and crystallography of martensitic transformation in NiTi  based on the post mortem analysis of martensitic microstructures in deformed nanocrystalline NiTi wires

Evolution of martensitic microstructures in nanocrystalline NiTi wires deformed in tension, Acta Materialia,217(2021)117166

Michaela Roudnicka published an article on additively manufactured CoCrMo medical alloy in high IF Journal Additive Manufacturing - Microstructural instability of L-PBF Co28Cr6Mo alloy at
elevated temperatures


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