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Operating rules for room 594

Operating rules in Mechanical Testing Laboratory OFM

  1. Mechanical Testing Laboratory  contains experimental equipment used to perform dynamic and static tests  to evaluate mechanical properties of functional materials, composites, technical textiles, fatigue strength and fatigue lifetime, low cycle and high cycle fatigue properties, dynamic mechanical properties, simulation of operational loads, tensile, compression, bending and bulging tests, thermomechanical cycling test, in-situ electrochemical tests.
  2. Persons with access to the Laboratory:

a)  OFM employees

Luděk Heller– Head of the Laboratory,, Jan Racek, David Vokoun, Jan Pilch, Ivo Stachiv Miroslav Lamač, Silvia Sedláková, Darina Dostálová, and current students listed at

b)  THS employees (incl. cleaning servis) can do their work in the laboratory rooms only after they become familiar with these Operating  rules. While tests are running, access to the laboratory is possible only with agreement of the Head of the laboratory.

c)  Other persons (unemployed in FZU or members of another FZU departments) need approval of the Head of the laboratory to access the laboratory space and need to be familiar with the Operating rules. These persons can work in the laboratory only under the supervision of a person from the list (a)


  1. The persons who operate electrical experimental equipment, were trained in  BOZP a PO
  2. The persons working in the laboratory are not allowed to intervene into the electrical circuits of the equipment with the exception of selfdesigned low voltage equipments.
  3. Basic rules for room 594.

a)  Equipment in room 594 (testing and measurement devices, tools) can be used solely to run experiments

b)  Only persons with access to the laboratory and students under their supervision can operate the laboratory equipment

d)  Both standard and nonstandard equipment are used in the laboratory (testing and measurement devices, prototypes, newly designed measurement devices). Operation of nonstandard equipment is possible taking full responsibility about possible hazards. While working with deformation machines, prototypes or newly designed systems, both hardware and software safety limits have to be set.

e)  The annealing electrical furnace can be operated only using heat resistant gloves

f)   Safety glasses need to be used while cutting with disc cutter

g)  Safety tools need to be used when required and/or recommended by the Head of the  Laboratory.

h)  In the event of power cuts and/or any events possibly threatening safety of persons or equipment, working activities have to be interrupted, the equipment switched off  (using red button „STOP“ or simply power cutting switches). Further working activity is possible only after the problem is solved and potential damage repaired.

i)   Any detected malfunction or defect of the equipment has to be reported to the Head of the laboratory.

j)   In the event of fire, persons working in the laboratory have to follow IoP Fire directives (FZÚ (POŽÁRNÍ POPLACHOVÉ SMĚRNICE),  at first assist to all persons in need of help, attempt to extinguish the fire, report the fire to the Doorman..

k)  In the event of injury and/or any other health problem of persons working in the laboratory, other persons have to assist them (First aid) and reprt the event to the Head of the laboratory. In case of serious injury and/or any other health problem, Ambulance has to be called.




Emergency telephone numbers:


 0 112


 0 150


 0 155


 0 158

 City Police

 0 156



 Construction engineer: Ondřej Daneš

 26605 2485

 Head of THS: Zora Ebermannová

 26605 2575




 26605 2110


  1. Responsibilities  on leaving room 594

When leaving the empty room, persons working in the laboratory will check if all measurement devices and equipment are switched off, windows are closed, lights are off and will report potential defects they find to the Head of the laboratory. In case of experiment running, only absolutely necessary electrical appliances are left switched on.

  1. Addendum:

a) All OFM employees got acquainted with these Operating rules in paper form or electronic form at

b) Operating rule takes effect on 1.12.2016


In Prague 1.5.2016                                         

RNDr. Petr Šittner, CSc.

Head of the Department OFM

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