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Current Research Topics (23)

Research Group Research Topic Garant Other Researchers Case Reference
MSM Ferromagnetic materials studies - the effect of deformation stress and heat treatment on hysteresis and magnetic domains structure plus measurements of Barkhausen effect and magneto-acoustic emission O. Perevertov O. Heczko, V. Kopecký, M. Landa , A. Stupakov Effect of applied tensile stress on the hysteresis curve and magnetic domain ...
MCM Grain boundary segragation in metals P. Lejček V. Paidar Grain boundary segragation in metals
MSM Heusler alloys with martensitic transformation and magnetic shape memory effect /preparation, characterization, properties studies/ O. Heczko M. Dušák, M. Rameš, L. Klimša, S. Sedláková Magnetic shape memory effect and highly mobile twin boundaries
FMC In-situ electrochemical studies during cyclic mechanical loading of NiTi J. Racek L. Heller, P. Šittner, L. Kadeřávek Monitoring Tensile Fatigue of Superelastic NiTi Wire in Liquids by Electroche...
FMC In-situ x-ray diffraction studies of functional fatigue of superelastic NiTi P. Šittner P. Sedmák, J.Pilch, L. Heller, J. Kadeřávek Instability of cyclic superelastic deformation of NiTi investigated by synchr...
MNB Low temperature deposition of diamond over large areas x
MSM Magnetic nondestructive analysis of degraded ferromagnetic construction materials I. Tomáš J. Kadlecová, G. Vértesy, O. Kovářík „Magnetic Adaptive Testing“, Nondestructive Testing Methods and New Applicati...
FMC Micromechanical resonators based on NiTi for bioapplications I. Stachiv D.Vokoun, L. Heller
FMC Modelling thermomechanical properties of SMAs P. Šittner L. Heller, D. Vokoun Young’s Modulus of Austenite and Martensite Phases in Superelastic NiTi Wires
MCM Plastic deformation and twin interfaces in hexagonal metals V. Paidar


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