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Boron-doped diamond coating

A. Taylor

Boron-doped diamond exhibits exceptional properties that makes it a first choice material for many electrochemical applications. Boron-doped diamond has extreme mechanical hardness, chemical stability, a wide electrochemical potential window in aqueous media and a very low electrochemical capacitive current. The Institute of Physics C.A.S. provides you state of the art MWPECVD boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond coating service over large area (up to 200 x 300 mm2) and boron-doped diamond electrochemical electrodes and sensors of tunable size. The Institute of Physics C.A.S. can also provide high quality boron-doped epitaxial layers with different crystalline orientation and boron concetrations.

Boron-doped diamond

Figure: (left) Boron-doped MWPECVD nanocrystalline diamond (with resistivity of ca. 10 coated 6-inch fused silica wafer; (right) Rotating ring-disk diamond electrodes.

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