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15/06/2023 Dpt. Seminar and Presentation of Prof. M. Elahinia, 14:00, 1.32

Topic: 3D printing of NiTinol

A lecture by Prof. M. Elahinia, University of Toledo, USA

Thursday June 15, 2023 at 2 p.m. in the meeting room 1.32 in the Solid building


Title:  Unlocking Potential: Advancements in Additive Manufacturing of Shape Memory Alloys


Abstract: Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are highly sought after in industries like biomedical, aerospace, automotive, and oil due to their unique properties. However, their complex processing and machining restrict their use to simple shapes. To overcome this limitation, researchers are turning to additive manufacturing (AM) to fabricate intricate shapes and customize material properties. The University of Toledo has made significant strides in AM, particularly in laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) of SMAs, optimizing the process parameters and achieving successful builds.

This presentation discusses the current state-of-the-art in AM of SMAs, addressing challenges, exploring new research possibilities, and highlighting the benefits of AM in material design. By utilizing AM, SMAs can be tailored with precise control over microstructural features, impurity control, and mechanical behavior such as recoverable and irrecoverable strains, strength, and modulus of elasticity. Additionally, AM enables the fabrication of complex geometries, allowing for enhanced functionality and customization of SMA components.

Moreover, the University of Toledo's capabilities extend beyond AM, encompassing small-scale material synthesis and atomization. These capabilities enable the precise control of material composition and particle characteristics, leading to improved properties and performance of SMAs. By incorporating small-scale material synthesis and atomization techniques, researchers can explore novel alloy compositions, optimize material properties, and further expand the design space for SMAs.

The presentation aims to expand knowledge and accelerate the adoption of AM for SMAs, with the University's investments in industrial scale directed energy deposition (DED), LPBF printers, binder jet technology, and expertise in small-scale material synthesis and atomization. These capabilities collectively offer new avenues for advancing SMA materials and pushing the boundaries of material design and innovation.


Bio: Dr. Elahinia is a University Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Chair of the Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME) Department at The University of Toledo. He obtained his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in August 2004. Following his graduation, he joined the faculty of the Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Department, where he currently serves as the director of the Dynamic and Smart Systems Laboratory.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Elahinia has made significant contributions to the field of advanced manufacturing, with a focus on the modeling, control, and design of smart and active materials. His research particularly emphasizes additive manufacturing of functional materials, such as shape memory alloys, for aerospace and biomedical applications.

Dr. Elahinia has successfully secured over $26 million in external grants and has served as the major advisor for 58 graduate students. Seven of his former students have gone on to become professors at other universities. His research findings have been widely disseminated through his numerous publications, which have been cited more than 8000 times.

In addition to his research achievements, Dr. Elahinia has been actively involved in professional societies. In 2004, he was elected as a member of the ASME/SPIE Adaptive Structures and Material Systems Branch under the Aerospace Division. He has held several elected positions within the branch, including the chair. The branch boasts a membership of over 1500 professionals.

Dr. Elahinia also serves as an associate editor for esteemed journals in his research area, including Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, as well as the Journal of Shock and Vibration.







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