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RoundRobin Articles - SMA models and simulation results

Simulation results and their comparison with experimental data of all involved research teams were presented at ESOMAT 2009 conference and finally published in the conference proceedings. Links to all roundrobin SMA modelling proceeding papers are listed below.

P.Sedlak, M. Frost
Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR
Modeling of Two-dimensional Thermomechanical Loading of NiTi Wires

Y. Chemisky, A. Duval, B.Piotrowski, T. Ben Zineb, E. Patoor
LEMTA , Nancy University;LPMM, Metz University, France
Numerical tool for Shape Memory Alloys structures simulations including twinning effects

F. Auricchio , S. Morganti, A. Reali
Dipartimento di Meccanica Strutturale (DMS), Universit` degli Studi di Pavia, Italy
SMA numerical modeling versus experimental results

E. Gibeau, C. Lexcellent, L. Boubakar
FEMTO-St Departement de Mecanique Appliquee, Besancon, France
Application with the experimental results of the Roundrobin of a 3D modelling SMA based on the based on the phase transformation surface identification under proportional loading and anisothermal conditions

G. Rio, D. Favier, Y. Liu
Universite Europeenne de Bretagne; Universite de Grenoble/CNRS, 3S-R, BP 53, France; The University of Western Australia, School of Mechanical Engineering, Australia
Elastohysteresis model implemented in the finite element sofware HEREZH++

D. Hartl, S. Oehler, D.C. Lagoudas
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA
Constitutive Modeling of Phase Transformation and Plastic Yield in SMAs: Application to the S3T-RoundRobin

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