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Time dependency and minor loops of the martensitic transformation

Dr. rer. nat. Robert Niemann
IFW Dresden, Germany
Thursday 18th Ferbruary 2016 at 14h00
in room no.117 Na Slovance 2, Praha 8

Heat source reconstruction from infrared measurements for analyzing strain localizations in aluminium alloy and shape memory alloys
Prof. Xavier Balandraud

Université Clermont-Auvergne Sigma Clermont, France

L. Straka, world leading expert in magnetic shape memory alloy field has joined the MSM group in February 2016

Short reports on the application of diamond coatings in nuclear reactor technology appeared recently in AIP and

Team led by As. Prof. I. Kratochvílová obtained award TAČR 2015 for successfully solved project TA01011165 "Synthetic multi-epitope vaccine against Lyme disease for veterinary applications"

Petr Ashcheulov succesfully completed his PhD studies at FNSPE CTU in June 2014. Congratulations........

University:  FNSPE CTU

Thesis: Boron-doped diamond/p-type Silicon heterojunctions for solar cell applications,

Supervisor: I. Kratochvilova

HTSMA 2015 ,  5-8 May, Wildbad Kreuth, Germany

Tracking deformation processes in Nitinol using fast infrared imaging

E. Alarcon, S. Arbab, L. Saint-Sulpice, S. Calloch


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