Department of Functional Materials

belongs to the Condensed Matter Division of the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The department consists of 3 research groups FMC, MNB and MCMscanning electron microscopy laboratory and mechanical workshop.

Research within the department focusses on  active or passive functionality imprinted to the solid state materials on the structural level, in particular:

Head of Department

Name Surname Phone Email
Petr Šittner +420 266 052 657

Deputy Head of Department

Name Surnamesort descending Phone Email
Luděk Heller +420 266 053 351
Pavel Lejček +420 266 052 167


Name Surnamesort descending Phone Email
Marcela Boháčková +420 266 052 613

Recent Key Results

Shape Memory and Superelasticity 2019 Editor’s Choice Selections

Two articles from the Department:  Tensile Deformation of Superelastic NiTi Wires in Wide Temperature and Microstructure Ranges and B2 ⇒ B19′ ⇒ B2T Martensitic Transformation as a Mechanism of Plastic Deformation of NiTi were  selected by the editors of Shape memory and Superelasticity journal to belong among the top 6 articles of the year 2019 and awarded free online access.

First report of transparent conductive boron-doped diamond electrodes fabrication at low temperatures published  by P. Ashcheulov et al. in Applied Materials Today

Low temperature synthesis of transparent conductive boron doped diamond films for optoelectronic applications: Role of hydrogen on the electrical properties

Grain morphology reconstruction of crystalline materials from Laue three-dimensional neutron diffraction tomography by Stavros Samothrakitis, Camilla Laresen et al. Scientific Reports (2020) 10:3724

Deformation twinning in martensite affecting functional behavior of NiTi shape memory alloys  P. Šittner, O. Molnárová, L. Kadeřávek, O. Tyc,  L. Heller, Materialia 9 (2020)100506  FREE Link



Department of Functional Materials

Institute of Physics of the CAS

Na Slovance 2, 182 21, Prague, Czech Republic



Tel: +420 266 052 613

Fax: +420 286 890 527



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