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Current Research Topics

Current Research Topics (1)

Name Garant Other Researchers Case Reference
Electromagnetic and electric properties of high temperature superconductors M. Jirsa M. Rameš Relaxation in bulk RBa2Cu3O7−d superconductors

Past Research Topics (5)

Research Topic Garant Other Researchers Case Reference
Electron microscopy and preparation of materials J. Kopeček M. Dušák, L. Klimša, J. Remiášová Differently mobile twin boundaries and magnetic shape memory effect in 10 M m...
Ferromagnetic materials studies - the effect of deformation stress and heat treatment on hysteresis and magnetic domains structure plus measurements of Barkhausen effect and magneto-acoustic emission O. Perevertov O. Heczko, V. Kopecký, M. Landa , A. Stupakov Effect of applied tensile stress on the hysteresis curve and magnetic domain ...
Heusler alloys with martensitic transformation and magnetic shape memory effect /preparation, characterization, properties studies/ O. Heczko M. Dušák, M. Rameš, L. Klimša, S. Sedláková Magnetic shape memory effect and highly mobile twin boundaries
Magnetic nondestructive analysis of degraded ferromagnetic construction materials I. Tomáš J. Kadlecová, G. Vértesy, O. Kovářík „Magnetic Adaptive Testing“, Nondestructive Testing Methods and New Applicati...
Material research, alloy casting and single crystal growth J.Kopeček Precipitation in the Fe-38 at.% Al-1 at.% C alloy

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